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Switching over (Traditional art to Digital)

2010-11-19 19:29:08 by RascalRyuk

So, Ive been doing Traditional art for a long time. Ive been painting and sketching since i was little and lately have been in love with how digital media has really taken off and changed. so i decided, 'im going to start doing digital art, it cant be that hard' but believe me.... it is. its unbelievably hard going from the mind set of sketches to the mind set of shading and drawing with a tablet. for some maybe its easy, but for me its really quite hard.

im working my way up to becoming as good as some people on here (jouste,RaNaeNae,cosec,cheang) but for now im just going to doodle my way up to where i think i can create something ill be proud of.

How do you guys find the transition from traditional to digital?